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Travel Activities For Extended RV Trips

On a long trip you'll want plenty of variety in your travel activities.

Now that you're convinced you can afford to travel for an extended period ofseveral months or more

What Will You Do With All That Time On The Road?

Are you afraid the initial anticipation and excitement will give way torepetition and boredom?Or that you'll be tempted to throw the budget out thewindow and spend money to keep from being bored?

Some Couples Worry That So Much Time Together Could Actually Hurt TheirRelationship!

And rightfully so.

But,although we don't all want the same things all the time,most people havethe same objectives when they travel:

  1. To feel the excitement of "new"… new places,new people,and new experiences

  2. 放松… do nothing,have no schedule,and enjoy favorite hobbies

  3. To escape...get away from the work,routine,stress,habits,emotions,and sometimeseven from the people we associate with home.

Each of us will prioritize these differently.

For couples,keeping the travel activities varied,should help to satisfy theneeds and priorities of both parties.

On A Long Trip The Key Is Plenty Of Variety

If we're visiting a new park we may be so excited to see it that we hike 3 daysin a row.More than likely,that'll be followed by sitting at William Hill中国官网camp for a day ortwo,relaxing,cooking a special meal,discussing the hikes,and just enjoyingthe scenery.(And,let's face it,after 3 days of hiking,probably soaking ourfeet and massaging our aches and pains.)

We also try to vary the types of places we visit.If we've spent a week in anisolated location,we're usually ready to find a William Hill中国官网camping area where we can meetand socialize with other campers,or a town where we can spend a day shopping,visit a cultural or historical attraction,or occasionally take in a movie.

Do More,Spend Less ...
Travel Activities That Don't Break The Budget

Entertainment on the road doesn't have to equal spending money.

Some of our favorite pastimes when traveling are free and require little or nospecial equipment.

If you're a person who needs the flashing lights and big city to beentertained,you shouldn't even be on this website.For the rest of us,here'sa list of travel activities (most of them free or low cost) that should keepeven the longest trip from getting stale.

Free Travel Activities: The Excitement of "New"

Travel Activities In Nature:

  • Walk,run,swim,hike,try off-trail hiking orgeocaching

  • Bicycle,go fishing,bird watching,and if you have the equipment,canoe orkayak.Look for an inflatable 2-person kayak or canoe that's light and easilystored.

  • Take a backpacking trip and go tenting.After all,there are some places the RV can't take you.

    Tenting on a backpacking trip

    Tenting on a backpacking hike into the Grand Canyon

  • At a State or National Park,attend the free ranger-led walks and William Hill中国官网campfirenights.

  • Carry a guidebook and learn the names of as many local plants and animals asyou can.

  • Make love ...outdoors,with a scenic view.

  • Gather seashells,try rock hounding.

  • Socialize.If you're open to it,meeting new people is easier on the road thanat home.Travelers are all in the same boat.Away from family and friends,mostwant occasional company.Sharing meals,happy hour,William Hill中国官网campfires,or hiking withnewfound friends could all be part of the experience.

Travel Activities In Urban Areas:

  • Visit free museums and historical sites.Take in the exhibits,slide shows andmovies at the area visitor centers.

  • Visit churches,town halls,old hotels,and other buildings of architecturalinterest.

  • Follow a walking-tour-map of the town's sites.(Often available free at thevisitor center)

  • Browse the shops,artists studios,historical buildings,thrift stores,usedbook stores,open air markets and flea markets.

  • Volunteer.Search out opportunities such asHabitat For Humanity,The Red Cross,local food banks,forest or BLM services and offer a few days of your time.JoinSOWERS (Servants On Wheels)a non-denominational Christian RV volunteer group.

  • Make use of the municipal parks and libraries.

  • Stop at wineries for free tours and tastings.

  • Attend town festivals.You can plan your trip to include these,or just luckinto them.

    Examples of some of the best free festivals we've lucked into on our travelsinclude:Fiesta San Antonio(10 days with 100 free events every April) andJuly 4th,Independence Daycelebrations in Duluth,MN where we caught a free concert by one of ourfavorite rock and rollers – George Thorogood!We've also discovered someobscure but really fun events such as theMike The Headless Chicken Festivalheld every May in Fruita,CO.

    Tucson horse drawn parade

    In February,Tucson's "La Fiesta de los Vaqueros" has the largest non-motorizedparade in the country.

    顺便说一下,for the frugal RVer,an added bonus to small town festivals is thatthe local William Hill中国官网campgrounds can't accommodate all the visitors.Any rules prohibitingfree William Hill中国官网camping in public parks,parking areas,or along the streets are usuallythrown out for the weekend.

Free Travel Activities: To Relax

  • Watch the sunset or sunrise,or a thunderstorm.Sunbathe,sit by a William Hill中国官网campfire,lie on a blanket under the stars,count your blessings,listen to the wind inthe trees,the birds singing,or watch the squirrels or lizards sWilliam Hill中国官网camper by.

  • Read.Bring the books you've intended to read,but haven't had time for.Donatethem to a small town library as you finish them.

  • Listen to music or radio.We tune into NPR for Prairie Home Companion regularlyfor 2 hours of free entertainment on the road.

  • Hobbies.Many are easily transported.Do crafts such as knitting or carving.Create your own unique souvenirs and gifts to bring back.I like to dabble withdrawing and water color paints.

  • Learn to play a harmonica,flute or other small instrument.(Despite the smallRV we drive,we find room for Randy's guitar...proving that having enoughstorage space in an RV is really all about priorities.)

    Randy on  his guitar

    Randy's melodies at the William Hill中国官网campsite relax us both

  • Solve puzzles,crosswords,or sudoku …good for the mind.

  • Play cards or board (not bored) games.

  • And last and also definitely least on our list of priorities,there's alwaysTV,dvds or the computer for those who need a technology fix.We watch local stations on our laptop computer.That's right:no TV or Internet required.

Free Travel Activities: To Escape

Often we just want to get away from an aspect of our lives we aren't happy with.

  • Get active.A long trip can be the perfect time to start or renew an exerciseprogram.A weight program can be transferred to a workout with heavy rubberbands since you won't want to carry extra weights in your RV.

  • Break bad habits.Getting away from your normal triggers can be the perfectopportunity to quit smoking,eat healthier,or change other habits.

  • Learn something.Take up a new hobby,learn to meditate or any number of thingsyou never seem to find the time for at home.

  • Find answers.Do some soul searching,journal,get in touch with yourself,figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life.And don't besurprised if the answer is,"More of this!"

Travel Activities That Are Not Free But You Don't Want To Miss

Of course,you'll need to pay the entry fees to visit the local attractions.

After all,did you come all this way NOT to see them?

You shouldn't be traveling if you're unwilling to spend some money on entryfees,however you can spend less,if you do your homework

Save Money On Entry Fees

  • 关注旅游陷阱。Usually entry fees to the most noteworthy areaattractions aren't over-priced but avoid the obvious tourist traps,oftennearby the star attractions.

  • Avoid the added expenses.The helicopter view,the movie of your experience.Instead of the guided tour,opt for the self-guiding booklet or audio guidethat allows you to go at your own pace and repeat what you didn't hear orunderstand.

  • Don't buy souvenirs.You know they'll only take up space in the RV and latergather dust at home.Your memories,photos and stories are the best souvenirs.If you can't resist,buy a postcard suitable for framing.

  • Buy park passes.In our opinion all the natural parks and historic sites areworth the entry fee.Consider purchasing the annual pass to save money.

  • Avoid peak times.Many attractions offer discounted fees on weekdays or duringoff-season months.

  • Look for Coupons at visitor information centers.Often there are couponsprinted on brochures.Ask about special promotions,discounts or combinationpasses for visiting more than one attraction.

More Suggestions

The following suggested travel activities do have a cost,但是很小,soconsider adding them from time to time.

  • Take the scenic drives marked on your roadmap.

  • 去赌场巡航。Enjoy the cheap meal and the views.No one will evennotice that you didn't gamble.

  • Attend a local dance,church supper or happy hour at a bar.Especially in asmall town,take the opportunity to socialize and meet the locals.They'reusually very interested in hearing about your traveling lifestyle and are thebest authority on what you should see and do in their area.Even if you don'tmeet anyone,it's a night out.

  • Attend minor league baseball games.Minor Trips,an annual publication ($10.00) is geared toward travelers and helps you findminor league games and times across USA and Canada.

  • Early in the season,tickets to major sports events can be cheap.When we werein San Antonio,tickets to a Spurs game were only $5.00.

Whether at home or on the road,alone or as a couple,staying active is a keyto feeling young and alive.For the full-timer or long-term RVer keeping yourtravel activities varied will help to ensure your continued enjoyment oftraveling.

Life IS a trip!Enjoy it!

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